What do we do



We don't claim to do hundreds of things.

We just specialise in doing these few things really well.


At Ausskill we partner with small and large organisations around Australia, supporting them as they seek to deliver greater outcomes for their customers. Our professional, corporate and small business management training courses are designed for corporate managers, entrepreneurs and employees of small to large businesses.


We offer comprehensive training courses throughout different cities in Australia, varying in duration from four days up to six months. Customised training topics and durations are offered for group courses, and all of our training modules are professionally developed by qualified and experienced national trainers.


Our modern learning approach focuses on the principles of microlearning; short, smartly-engineered instructional bursts that are proven to command attention and generate retention. We combine assessment, reward and motivational methods in training modules that will resonate with all employees of modern workplaces.



Our specialisation

Typically, our customers are asking themselves:


• How to increase market share by improving customer experience and reducing operational cost?


• How can I reduce the time and cost of change programme?


• How do I set strategies for my team that is ambitious and achievable?


•How do I deliver successful results for my organisation and ensure a return on the investment we make?



What Makes us Special?


Our learning approach is designed for today, using the principles of microlearning —short, smartly-engineered instructional bursts that are proven to command attention and generate retention.


We weave together assessment, motivation and reward in a training choreography that chimes with today’s workplace realities.


As an organisation that works closely with migration agents, we understand the requisite need for our clients to fulfil Training Benchmark B in the process of sponsoring a 457 visa  (Read more...)

At Ausskill, we work closely with many corporate development professionals who are primarily focused on the same goal; nurturing a company’s overall corporate strategy  (Read more...)