Deciding between Training Benchmark A & B?

When do you know which training benchmark to use for your clients?

Training Benchmark A Quick, simple and hassle - free, but it comes with a price. We would recommend your clients use Training Benchmark A in these scenarios:

  • The business does not employ any Australian citizens or Permanent Residents

  • The business does not want their local employees to spend time on the professional training courses

  • Sole proprietor without employees (where the owner is the only staff of the business)

  • Recently established business

Training Benchmark B Requiring slightly more commitment than Training Benchmark A, this additional commitment will benefit the business and its employees in the long run. We would recommend your clients to use Training Benchmark B in these scenarios:

  • The business employs local employees

  • The business would like to keep cost low and profit margin high (spending 1% instead of 2%)

  • The business would like to invest and add value to their staff

As an organisation that works closely with migration agents and lawyers, we understand the requisite need for your clients to fulfil Training Benchmark requirements in the process of a 457 and 186 visa. At AusSkill, we provide an auditable, structured program that satisfies all requirements of Training Benchmark B. We offer a same-day service delivery of necessary plans and documentation, and are flexible in offering delivery of our training plans at the client’s location if requested. Our training and development plans cover a broad spectrum of industries, and can be tailored to suit preferences or requirements.

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