TOP 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Training Benchmark B!

The 457 visa process has received a lot of unwanted flak lately and it is important that each 457 stage is done properly. There are certain requirements for a 457 sponsor to adhere to, in order to obtain and/or maintain their sponsorship approval. Here is a list of our top 6 most frequently asked questions by migration agents and employers regarding training benchmark B in general:

Question 1: What is considered as payroll? Payroll is the total amount of money an employer pays in wages to their employees, in the 12 months prior to application lodgement. This can include:

  • Salary

  • Commission

  • Bonuses

  • Allowances

  • Superannuation Contributions

  • Contractor and/or subcontractor wages (in some cases)

Question 2: Does the total payroll include my local staff who are Australian citizens and PRs only or for all including my staff on some type of visa?

The total payroll amount has to include for all staff who are employed by the business – Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and employees who are working under a visa.

Question 3: I got an urgent case that needs the training requirement fulfilled now, what can I do?

You should act on it now, and ensure that the training amount is calculated correctly. Usually we encourage a training buffer (10% on top of training amount) just in case the clients miscalculate the amount. We have observed several times times that clients forgot to add the correct superannuation expenses when calculating the total payroll figure.

Question 4: My client is based in a regional area, how can you assist my client?

We offer online interactive training courses through our e-Learning portal , which are very popular with clients who are based in regional area. Clients based in metropolitan cities are also preferring online training as they are able to do it according to their own schedule. A set of hard-copy training documents will also be posted for additional reference!

Question 5: What is your process like? What do I (as an agent) have to do? Good question! Usually our process involves:

  1. Agent fill up and send us the Application form (click here to download!)

  2. We send the agent a Proposal document and Invoice – (see sample Proposal here!)

  3. The employer pays the invoice

  4. We send the complete training documents that fully satisfy training benchmark requirements to the agent for submission (Training benchmark B is fulfilled at this stage!)

  5. We will send hard-copy documents (if requested) and follow up with the clients for them to undergo the training, which can be done online, video or face-to-face.

Clients usually have about 6 – 12 months to complete their course, depending on the level of training required. A Certificate of Participation will be issued once training is successfully completed! (See sample Certificate here!)

Question 6: Do you tell our clients about the commission involved?

Absolutely not! There is no basis for us to do so, and the commission will not affect the delivery and/or outcome performance of the training benchmark B. We do not disclose any information in regard to commission.

A Brief Selection List of Our Training Programs

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Building & Construction

  • Business Management

  • Engineering

  • Hair, Beauty and Wellness

  • Healthcare & Nursing

  • Hospitality & Toursim

  • Information Technology

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Trades & Services

  • AND More!

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