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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose AusSkill?

At AusSkill we strive to provide you with the best and quality training for all businesses. We understand that time is of the essence and therefore we provide a 24hours delivery of all training documents.

Who needs to fulfil the Training Benchmark requirements?

Training Benchmark A and B are for businesses who wish to sponsor an overseas national for employment in their business in Australia.

One of the requirements that a sponsor needs to satisfy in order to obtain Standard Business Sponsorship and sponsor visa applicants is Training Benchmark requirement.

Businesses which have been operating for more than 12 months are required to show that they have continuously been providing local employees (Australians and Permanent Residents) with training that relates to their business.

For new businesses that are operating for less than 12 months, they do not need to fulfil the Training Benchmark requirements YET. They are, however, required to produce an Auditable Training Plan.


What is an Auditable Training Plan?

Auditable Training Plan is a training plan that demonstrates the businesses’ future plan to fulfil the Training Benchmark requirements.

 As a training centre who specialises in Training Benchmark A and B, we are definitely able to assist you and your clients with the creation of the Auditable Training Plan.


What will be included in the Auditable Training Plan?

Our Auditable Training Plan will include the following, which are also the criteria set by the Department:

  • relate to the immediate future (within the next 12 months);

  • clearly articulate the forecast payroll for the next 12 months;

  • clearly articulate the intended expenditure towards the training benchmark and show a clear intent to implement the plan and be accompanied by clear evidence of:

    • The type of training;

    • The duration of the training; and

    • The anticipated costs associated with delivering the training.



What are Training Benchmark A and B?

Training Benchmark A is a contribution of at least 2% of the business’ payroll (incurred in the last 12 months) to an industry training fund.

Training Benchmark B, on the other hand, is where the business spends 1% of their payroll (incurred in the last 12 months) on providing training to their local employee(s).


What is considered as payroll incurred in the last 12 months?

Payroll incurred in the last 12 months refers to the amount of money a business pays their employees in the 12 months before lodging the application. This includes all wages, remuneration, salary, commission, bonuses, allowances, superannuation contributions (mandatory or otherwise) or eligible termination payments that are defined as wages in the Act relating to payroll tax in the relevant State/Territory.

Businesses can assess whether this requirement is met by calculating its total expenditure on training of Australian citizens and permanent residents and its total expenditure on payroll for the last 12 months, and determining whether total expenditure of training equates to at least 1% or 2% of the payroll.


What is an industry training fund?

The industry training fund was established to support the industry training. The industry training funds are used to provide the training of eligible workers in certain industries. There are many industries that have such training funds which businesses can contribute to.


What if there is no such fund available for my industry, such as food production?

In such cases, businesses can make a contribution to a recognised scholarship fund that supports education or training for locals in a University or TAFE course.

There are many organisations and funds which businesses can contribute to, such as TAFE.


How can AusSkill help to fulfil Training Benchmark A?

As AusSkill has a long working partnership with TAFE, we are definitely able to assist you and your clients to make the 2% Training Benchmark A contribution.

All that you or your client needs to do is to fill in our Order Form and make payment for the contribution.


What will happen after payment is made to AusSkill? Will there be documents that would be sent?

Once payment has been process, you will receive the Training A documents within 1 business day, which shall be used to submit for your sponsorship application. These contribution documents include:

  • Official Contribution Receipt

  • TAFE Acknowledgement letter


How can AusSkill help to fulfil Training Benchmark B?

As an organisation that works closely with Migration Agents and Lawyers, we understand exactly the requisite need for your clients to fulfil Training Benchmark B. We will provide your clients with a comprehensive set of courses that is suited to their industry.

All that you or your client needs to do is to fill in our Order Form and we will send you an invoice shortly after.


What will happen after payment is made to AusSkill? Will there be documents that would be sent?

Once payment has been received, we will proceed on with the training documents which will be sent to you within 1 business day.

The full training documents include:

  • Introductory Welcome Email

  • Detailed Training Invoice

  • Dated Training Receipt

  • Comprehensive Training Plans



How are the Training Benchmark B’s training conducted?

There are three different options for you to choose from – *onsite, *classroom and online delivery.

How does the enrolment works?

To enrol the participants into the course, we would need to get some information from them.

  1. Full Name

  2. Email Address (Login Information will be sent to this email)

  3. Contact number (To receive SMS notification)

Following which, the participants will receive an email containing the following information:

  • User Login information

  • Guide on how to use the Online Portal

  • Ongoing trainer support


How often does the business need to fulfil the Training Benchmark requirements?

In order for the business to remain as a sponsor, they would have to commit to make a contribution or provide training for their local employees in each fiscal year for the term of the SBS approval.


If the business sponsors a local employee for their study, does that count towards the Training Benchmark?

Yes, as long as the business sponsors an Australian or Permanent Resident in a University or TAFE. The course of study has to be approved under the Australian Qualifications Framework as well.


What if the employees have already received on-job-training?

On-job-training can be a little tricky. In order for it to be considered, the on-job-training has to be very structured – Training has to be taught by qualified trainers and have to be developed and monitored by them as well. They would also have to list out the time frame to show how the training has improved the employees’ skills.


Can the business include salaries of recent graduates?

For recent graduates’ salaries to be included,  they have to be participating in a formal, structured graduate program for up to two years, or is currently completing a professional year following their graduation. Only if this criterion is satisfied, 100% of the graduate’s salary can be counted towards the Training Benchmark.

A recent graduate is someone who has completed their tertiary studies within the last 24 months before lodging the application. The position which the recent graduate is employed in also has to be relevant or related to their recently completed qualification.


What about apprentices and trainees? Can their salaries be considered as part of the Training Benchmark B?

Definitely, as these are training positions, it can be used to fulfil the Training Benchmark requirement.


If the business decides to employ in-house trainers, will their salaries be part of the Training Benchmark B?

Yes, their salaries can be used to fulfil the Training Benchmark requirements. The trainers’ key job responsibility has to be training local employees. 


The business would like to use an external training provider, is that doable?

Certainly, business can approach external training providers, such as AusSkill, to assist them in fulfilling the Training Benchmark requirements.


How does using an external training provider works?

Businesses have to submit the training invoices and receipts which confirms the training amount. It is also recommended that businesses submit the training plans or any other documents related to the training – this allows the Department to have a better understanding of the training received by the local employees.

Training Benchmark B is a core service that we offer. The training sessions and documents that we provide includes the invoice, receipt and training plans. Our training documents 100% satisfy all DIBP requirements and are approved by Australian training standards.


What if the business’ local employees are faced with difficulties during the course?

At AusSkill, we will support every participant in every way possible to ensure the successful completion their courses. In the event where the participants are experiencing difficulties, our friendly trainers and staffs are here to help.

What are the procedures for Training Benchmark A & B?


How can payment be made to AusSkill?

We accept payment by Credit and Debit cards, as well as through bank transfer.



What is included in the online training courses?

  • Access to all learning materials

  • Access to a trainer email/messaging/phone communication system

  • Access to support services for students


What are the benefits of online training?

We understand that it is tough juggling both work and training at the same time and that is why we provide online training to our participants. With online training, you will be able to have 24/7 access to all enrolled courses and you can choose to participate in the course at anytime and anywhere; during the wee hours of the night, in the comfort of your own home or at the library.

People learn in different ways, whether that is reading, watching, listening or interacting with others. Online training allows participant to experience the courses the way they learn best. And not forgetting our online AusSkill trainers who are able to provide you with one to one assistance.


What industries do AusSkill cover?

We cover a wide range of industries.

  • Accounting

  • Food & Beverage

  • Hospitality

  • Building & construction

  • Healthcare

  • Teaching

  • Business

  • Retail

  • Banking & Finance

  • Entertainment

  • Human Resources

  • IT

  • Telecommunications

  • Manufacturing

  • Cleaning

  • Fitness

  • Aviation

  • Security

  • Transportation

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, & Landscaping

  • Engineering

  • And many more!

Telephone:  1300 734 711


Email: enquiry@ausskill.com.au


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